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If you are interested in lessons please get in touch by phone or by using the contact form below. I would appreciate if you could provide some information about yourself too: do you have some experience with the guitar or are you a complete beginner? Are you interested in primarily the electric guitar, or the acoustic guitar, or both? What kind of music do you like? Do you have a favourite guitarist or are there certain players that you’d particularly like to emulate? Do you own a guitar, and if so, what type: acoustic (hollow bodied and steel strung), classical (nylon strung) or electric (solid bodied and steel strung)? Would you be coming to me for lessons or do you want me to come to you? Feel free to include any other kind of information you’d like me to know about.

David Bellis
7 Reginald Grove
YO23 1LN

Phone: 07969327924

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